Livestream Your Event

Broadcasting your event in real-time to viewers at home

Why livestreaming is worth the cost

Smartphones have come a long way. It’s no doubt that the super computer you can fit in your pocket has some amazing perks. We live in a time where you can begin livestreaming yourself to the entire world in the matter of seconds.

Cutting costs by having a family member or marketing teammate pull out their phone to live stream your big moment or event always seems like the best option initially, doesn’t it? They’re already attending, it’s an incredibly simple setup, and best of all….it’s FREE!

Unfortunately, it’s not until after your wedding ceremony or virtual fundraising banquet is finished that you realize it just might have been worth hiring a professional to capture your event. The crackling audio, the spotty video, or the shaky handheld footage didn’t produce the type of high-definition livestream you were envisioning.

And the worst part? It’s too little, too late.

HD professional livestreaming service in Kansas City

Thankfully, we at Cub Bear Creative are in the business of ensuring you have NO regret about your livestreaming experience! We have worked hard to become one of the best livestream services in Kansas City and have mastered our craft of producing professional broadcasts.

This means, we have the ability to livestream your wedding in premiere fashion. This includes multiple camera angles (so that we can see you walking down the aisle AND your boo’s reaction), clear and crisp audio (so that your vows aren’t only heard by the guests attending in person, but every loved one at home too), supplemental graphics (to make sure your viewers at home are engaged), and more!

But we don’t stop our broadcasting services for wedding ceremonies and receptions. We also livestream a wide array of events for business and nonprofits who are located across the country.  Here are some examples of livestream productions we’ve produced thus far:

Virtual Banquets / Shows
Exhibition Announcements
Product Launches
Celebration of Life Services

“Cub Bear Creative produced a virtual banquet for our annual fundraiser that was unbelievable. The quality was incredible and the feedback, wonderful. We ended up raising more money than we ever have in the 5 years we’ve hosted that event!”

– Molly | Nonprofit Area Director

Multi-Camera Setup

We use professional grade cameras that will ensure the highest quality video broadcast possible. We can utilize up to 3 cameras in our livestream and can custom build a package for your event needs!

Professional Audio

Did you know the average person would prefer poor video quality over poor audio?  Poor audio can absolutely ruin a broadcast. Sound cutting in and out is a jarring experience for a viewer. That’s why we utilize professional audio equipment to ensure that your loved ones and viewers at home can hear what’s going on as clear as they would if they were attending your event.

High Definition Recording

The perks of hiring a professional video production company to livestream your event doesn’t just stop once your event is over. We also provide a high-definition, 1080p, digital copy of your event for you to look back on and share with others for all the years to come!

Private Event Link

While many businesses and nonprofits may want to livestream their event to the world on major social media platforms, we know that there may be an instance where you would like to keep your event private to a select group of people. We help ensure that your private event link only goes out to your guests or viewers that you’ve personally invited!

Proven Reliability

Why listen to us sing our own praises when our client’s will do it for us?! Take a look at our reviews and read for yourself how thankful they are to have used Cub Bear Creative to livestream their event!

Captivating Experience

Hiring a professional livestream team, such as Cub Bear Creative, won’t just take your event to air, but will create a dynamic, captivating experience for all your viewers at home. While you’re focusing on being in the moment, we’ll be making sure everyone attending virtually feels like they’re right next to you celebrating!


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